Ansible 2.10 migrating companion modules to “Ansible Collection”


In ansible 2.10, the distribution form of modules and plugins that have been distributed with ansible has changed. ansible collection is a mechanism for modularizing ansible . According to the roadmap and ansible collections Overview , Ansible 2.10 will be fully utilized.

Many of the modules that were recorded in the ansible main repository until ansible 2.9 will be separated and changed to be introduced through ansible collection. The corresponding module has already been deleted from the branch. From now on, the repository of ansible itself will contain only the minimum modules and plugins required for operation, and ansible-basewill be distributed under the package name of.

Collection destination of the module to be separated

The module separated from the main body in ansible 2.10 and the migration destination collection name ansible-galaxy collection installspecified for of each module are

You can check it from

This file is used to make ansible interpret that it points to the module of the migration destination collection when the module is specified by the name before separation, based on the compatibility with ansible 2.9 or earlier. is.

List of the collection name and the URL of the GitHub repository:

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