Lambda Edge

If you try to set these headers in CloudFront, as of June 2021, the implementation example in Lambda Edge will be posted at the top of the search.

Official AWS blog that is the original article

CloudFront Functions

However, upon closer inspection, CloudFront Functions was released on 2021/5. It’s easier and easier to do here, and I think it’s suitable for this purpose. No, it would be nice if CloudFront itself had the ability to change the header.

Information from documentation


We can also use terraform for this, just prepare CloudFront Functions and put JavaScript of aws-samples as a base , for the time being, it is OK as the sample.

resource "aws_cloudfront_function" "main" {
name = "test"
runtime = "cloudfront-js-1.0"
comment = "my function"
publish = true
code = file("${path.module}/function.js")

Now we just need to link it to your distribution

resource "aws_cloudfront_distribution" "main" {
default_cache_behavior {
function_association {
event_type = "viewer-response"
function_arn = aws_cloudfront_function.main.arn

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