Git Flow In Few Words.


What exactly is git flow???

It is a git development method that utilizes the branch that is a function of git. When developing with multiple people, if you adopt git without deciding the operation rule, conflicts will occur frequently and merge mistakes will occur.
It is git flow that can avoid such problems and make the most of git.


  • master: Branch to store released data.
  • develop: Branch for development.
  • release: Branch that prepares and fine-tunes before release .
  • feature: branch for feature development. Implement individual functions and resolve bugs.
  • hotfix: Branch for urgent corrections to released data.

More detail and explanation of each branch


Often the master branch and the published production environment are the same source.


The one under development (for the next release if it is an update project) is reflected in perfect condition. It is the main branch of development work, and the sources newly created and modified by each developer are gathered in this branch. In terms of update projects, the difference from master is only for the next release.


A branch that fine-tunes when released after development work in develop is complete.

⚠️ The release branch is created from the develop branch.

Example use case:

  • Source branch: develop
  • Marge Destination: develop and master


A branch that mainly develops and modifies new functions. For the branch name, describe the functions to be implemented after feature, such as feature/new_function. If a bug is found in a new function before the release, cut a branch for correction such as feature/bug_1982 from develop, and merge it into develop when the correction is completed.

⚠️ It is not good to merge into develop until debugging is finished.

Example use case:

  • Source branch: develop
  • Marge Destination: develop


A branch created if a bug is found after release. It’s also a branch that shouldn’t be created.

Example use case:

  • Source branch: master
  • Marge Destination: develop and master

More about git flow we can find in link below


If we make a mistake in the branch source or merge destination, it will cause a big accident , so we need to be careful! I think so it is important to understand and operate the roles of each branch of master, release, develop, feature, and hotfix in order to proceed smoothly.

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DevOps Consultant. I’m strongly focused on automation, security, and reliability.

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DevOps Consultant. I’m strongly focused on automation, security, and reliability.

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