How to Create an Azure DevOps Wiki

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Azure DevOps is more sophisticated than a typical wiki, so its creation method and permissions are a bit special. Please refer to the summary of the contents.

How to make ??

This page opens if the wiki does not exist in your project. You can create a wiki by selecting the wiki you want to create.

If you already have a wiki , you can add a new wiki by choosing Create new project wiki or from the wiki menu Publish code as wiki.

Types of Wiki

There are two types of Wiki, Project wiki (Provisioned) and Code wiki. Each has its own characteristics, so choose the one that suits your project. Since the two types can coexist, it is possible to use two types.

Here is the comparison table of the two types based in the official document. There are some parts that are not clear even if you look at this, so I will explain the merits in detail for each.


Project wiki (Provisioned)

The advantage is that you can operate everything only on the wiki page, and you can refer to Stakeholder. For small projects or wikis that just want to share information, I think it’s basically a good idea to use this.

  1. Creation limit →Only one per project
  2. Edit → Only editable from the Wiki page
  3. Revert to previous version → Revert page by page from Wiki page
  4. Version-by-version wiki → uncreatable
  5. Reference → Stakeholders are also available
  6. Location → Not conscious. Internally, a location called {ProjectName} .wiki is automatically created and managed there.

Code wiki (as a code)

A very flexible wiki managed by Repos Git. This is useful when writing a design document in Markdown or when you want to summarize the necessary information for each team in detail.

  1. Creation limit → Multiple creations can be made in the project
  2. Edit → Editable with Git Push to Wiki page or Repos page or Repos
  3. Revert to previous version → Revert with Repos page or Git Push. Same procedure as Git Revert
  4. Version-by-version wiki → Can be created using Repos’ Git branch
  5. Reference → Stakeholder cannot be referenced
  6. Location → Repos Git. Select the location of the Folder on Git and create it. It is also possible to set multiple settings for one Git.

Permission and Access Level

I’ve summarized the confusing parts of Azure DevOps. Access Level is a prerequisite, followed by Permission.

Access Level

  1. Stakeholder → Reference to the project wiki only.
  2. Basic (or VS Subscription) → Same as Permission.


This is a list when using the default Project Readers / Project Contributors / Project Administrators.





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