How to Setup Reverse Lookup for Elastic IP


You may need to reverse the host name from the global IP address to prove the legitimacy of the host.

Normally, if you are using a fixed IP, you need to have the owner of the IP address (provider, etc.) delegate the authority. If you are using Elastic IP, the IP address is managed. Since it is Amazon, I investigated the procedure

Thing you want to do

If you reverse-lookup an Elastic IP that is not set for reverse lookup, the host name automatically assigned to the instance will be returned as shown below.

Change this result to be your own domain.

Procedure method

Apply using the form below

Simply enter your application in each field and click Submit

Use Case Description

Enter the purpose of use. For
mail server operation, you should enter the purpose such as etc.

Elastic IP Address

Enter the Elastic IP you want to allow reverse lookup

Reverse DNS Record for EIP

Enter the domain name you want to set as a result of the reverse lookup

When the setting is completed, you will be contacted by e-mail within an hour. After that, it is OK if you can confirm that it is reflected by commands such as dig, nslookup etc.

More info we can find in link below:

 by the author.



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