Kubernetes Environments That You Can Try for Free on Your Browser


Sometimes you want to quickly prepare a kubernetes environment for learning purposes and for small experiments. I introduce a free kubernetes environment that can be used on the browser, which is convenient in such a case.

Hello Minikube — Kubernetes

Launch Terminal Click the button to use minikube on your browser . Minikube is a kubernetes environment for development and is currently a single node cluster.

Play with Kubernetes

There is a 4 hour time limit, but you can add up to 5 nodes. This is useful if you want to try a multi-node cluster.

Add new nodes
Cluster status


It is a site where you can learn various technologies on your browser.
It is convenient to log in with an account such as Twitter or Github to manage the progress. There are also plenty of kubernetes courses, and you can try various scenarios on your browser.


I hope you find it useful for learning purposes and for small experiments that you can try for free on your browser.

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