Manage Docker-Compose With Systemd on Ubuntu

What do we want to achieve?

Easily manage Docker with systemd

Let’s start

Create a generalized service for docker-compose

Create file /etc/systemd/system/docker-compose@.service The name of this file is important, so basically don’t change it.

Nothing happens with this alone. This is like a service template for Docker-compose

Create a folder to put the actual docker-compose & put docker-compose.yml.

🚨 When you put the file, be sure docker-compose.yml to put it in!

As you can see from the Service above, multiple docker-compose.yml are placed in different Dirctory & generalized by changing the Working Directory, so docker-compose.yml the name cannot be changed.

root@vagrant:/home/vagrant# wget
root@vagrant:/home/vagrant# sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker/compose/wordpress
root@vagrant:/home/vagrant# cp docker-compose.yaml /etc/docker/compose/wordpress/

Service start

root@vagrant:/home/vagrant# sudo systemctl start docker-compose@wordpress


If you get an error sudo journalctl -xe, try it, but it’s hard to understand, so it’s quick to actually check the command.

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