OpenStack What Is This and How It Works ?


What is OpenStack?

Why cloud computing is important ?

What is cloud computing?

How to avoid business risks by utilizing the cloud

If you use a public cloud, you do not need to purchase hardware, so you can reduce the initial cost, but with a private cloud, you can flexibly respond by allocating another service to a free resource. You can also quickly expand your service.

Hybrid cloud and how use it ?


What exactly is OpenStack ?

The license that can be used for free is called the community version. The community version is released twice a year in usually spring and autumn.

Community VS Commercial version of OpenStack

Typical installation is OpenStack, which runs on Ubuntu Server. Other than Ubuntu, there are RDO that can be run on CentOS which is compatible with RHEL. There is also OpenStack running on SLES and openSUSE.

⚠️ Unlike the community version, you can get vendor support.

OpenStack components

System Configuration

  • All-in-one
  • Separation compute node
  • Separation storage node

All-in-one configuration

Separation compute node

⚠️ Main functions like as controller nodes should be redundant or backed up to prepare for failures.

Separation storage node

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