CloudFlare And Useful Links


In this post I would like to summarized the related links of Cloudflare.

General links

In this site you can check Cloudflare product information (DDoS, WAF, CDN, DNS, Workers, etc.), solutions, inquiries, dashboard account creation, latest updates, etc. Plans can be selected from four plans, including free and paid plans .

This page, various materials such as installation procedures and DNS setting methods are published by product and error content. One of the features of Cloudflare is that it has a large number of users, so we are increasing the number of documents so that we can set up and troubleshoot in the form of self-service. In addition to articles for technology, support articles related to accounts and billing are also published. The support plan varies depending on the plan you are using, but you can also contact the support team by creating a ticket via dashboard or email.

Check this blog for the latest information and announcements of new product releases. One of the features of Cloudflare is this blog. Many product teams and engineers openly publish product releases, behind-the-scenes features and trends in DDoS attacks, so please subscribe. You can subscribe to the product release by email by entering your email address from What’s New

In this site you check the update of the status page when a failure occurs and the operation status of each Pop. You can also subscribe to RSS Feed, so you can use IFTTT etc. to automatically notify emails, Slack, etc.

Settings in Cloudflare

Cloudflare management dashboard. After registering your domain, you can use security, performance and analysis functions such as

  • DNS
  • SSL certificate
  • WAF
  • Firewall
  • Cache
  • Workers
  • load balancer
  • Analytics
  • domain transfer from the dashboard on one dashboard.

You can switch to English or Japanese from the upper right of the dashboard to use it. You can use your account if you have registered your e-mail address.

URL for dashboard:

This dashboard is dedicated to zero trust solutions. Access will be able to use a function that replaces VPN, and Gateway will be able to perform Web filtering when connecting to the Internet from the terminal side. Unlike , Gateway allows you to set the security policy you want to filter.

⚠️ This will also be available if you already have an account. This product can be used free of charge by up to 50 users !


More info about price:

If you use Postman, you can efficiently use the API to make settings if you are not good at the command line or if you have trouble entering each time. There is a file that can be imported to Postman from the file linked here, and if you set the account information, you can operate the API on the GUI.

More about this we can find in link below:

If we would like to have our configuration as a code, we have the option of using terraform or ansible that have Cloudflare support

  • Terraform

  • Ansible

This is a high-speed DNS service provided by Cloudflare for free, and it does not store access logs, DNS over HTTPS, DNS over SSL, and high speed. It has appeared as a service that enhances security and privacy by supporting VPN.

Cloudflare released the Beta version of Warp for Mac and Windows with the high-speed VPN function “WARP”.

After setting the DNS, you can check the judgment result of the setting on the page below.

CloudFlare release one more thing for the general public. for Families. The purpose is to enable safe use of the Internet by blocking adult content and malware at the DNS level.

We have two options:

  • Blocking Malware
  • Blocking Malware and Adult Content

Site for Developers updates parameter information, setting items and WAF managed rules for each function, and updates resources for technology.


I think that this is quite a lot of useful links and information about the services and Cloudflare itself that can be useful during everyday work with this service.

DevOps Consultant. I’m strongly focused on automation, security, and reliability.

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