Visualize dependencies in Azure resource groups with VSCode


Visualization is possible using VS Code extensions and ARM Templates exported from Azure with ARM Template Viewer

ARM Template Viewer Features

  1. Resources can be moved by dragging and dropping the mouse.
  2. Click the resource to see the details in the lower right corner.
  3. You can filter and add parameter files.

ARM Template error checking

Viewer will display an error if the template is misconfigured. It’s not a check to see if it can be imported, but I think it can be used as a reference.

Extensions to install in VS Code

Open VS Code Extensions search ARM Template Viewer and install it.

How to use ?

Just export ARM Template from Azure, Open the resource group and select the resource group you want to visualize> select Export Template. Copy or download the created ARM Template.

Viewing ARM Template Viewer in VS Code

Open VS Code and paste the copied or downloaded ARM Template. If you change to the JSON format file format, the eye icon will be displayed in the upper right, so click it. Resources are visualized and displayed on the right side of the screen.

Visualization using GitHub samples

If you do not have access to Azure you can use Azure/azure-quickstart-templates: Azure Quickstart Templates that put together ARM Templates on GitHub . From here you can use your favorite ARM Template to visualize without Azure

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